Zoe Riozzi: Ross Barkley’s Girlfriend

Ross Barkley’s girlfriend: English professional footballer and Everton midfielder, Ross Barkley is currently dating Zoe Riozzi, a Nursery school worker.

Zoe Riozzi and Ross Barkley

Rumors claim that Everton and England midfielder, Ross Barkley’s girlfriend has a resemblance to young Coleen Rooney, Wayne Rooney’s wife. Widely tipped to follow the steps of Wayne Rooney, Barkley’s girlfriend is believed to have kept his feet on the ground.

Zoe Riozzi is a Nursery school worker who grew up in the same area of Liverpool as the Everton player. She was pictured with her man, and this flamed-haired beauty is much more different than what most footballers wives and girlfriends are made out to be.

She drives a modest Fiat 500 and lives a low-key life while friends believe that she’s a down to earth person who has been keeping the 6 ft 2 in England’s future grounded. The couple spent some time together on a trip to Buckingham Palace and Dubai.

The couple is believed to set up a home together if their relationship continues to flourish. Friends believe that they’ve known each other for four years now while their relationship is about two-and-a-half years old.

Seems like Barkley’s made the right one with Zoe as she really does not brag about having a boyfriend who’s believed to be the future of England’s national team. She still works on a 9 pounds per hour work and lives a life, most people would not want to live for long.

So, what do you have to say about Ross Barkley’s girlfriend Zoe Riozzi? Isn’t she a down-to-earth person? Write your thoughts in the comments.

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