Who is Draymond Green’s Girlfriend?

Draymond Green’s girlfriend: Who do you think is the Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green dating? One of the best point forwards in the league, Green is in his late 20s and a part of the 2015 NBA Champions side.

Draymond green

The 35th overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft has everything in his basket. A $2.6 million contract for three years since 2012, a hulk-sized body and charms that could turn on any women towards him. But who’s Draymond Green’s girlfriend then? Sorry, but we really don’t know about it. There have been no rumors of him being linked with anyone as of late.

Towering six feet and seven inches, Green looks committed towards his career and does not want to run his minds out of the game. Despite being born in a poor family with not much of financial privileges, Draymond Green looks up his life in progression. He shifted to a modest apartment in San Francisco after graduating from Michigan State while also proving himself to be a top player.

Though single, Green is said to have a lot of female friends but he surely does not look to be committed in a relationship. There are rumors of him being linked to Daniela or Brook Show, but rumors are rumors; everyone knows that!

It all seems like Green is looking for a perfect partner for himself and waiting a couple of years is surely not going to harm. We all guess so!


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