Samara Felippo: Leandro Barbosa’s Wife

Leandro Barbosa’s wife: Point guard for the Golden State Warriors, Leandro Barbosa is married to Brazilian actress Samara Felippo Santana. The couple said vows to each other and promised ‘I Do’ in 2008.

Samara Felippo and Leandro Barbosa

Man, how could such player with not much of name or fame, or a player who always heated bench come with such pace in life? Maybe that’s because actresses are rather a loose term in Brazil. But wait, she looks really fair and runs a couple of television shows as well and is equally talent. I guess there’s something really cool with Brazilian players for all of these.

Leandro’s wife Samara is not together with him anymore, but they surely get connected through their children. The beautiful and dashing couple had their first baby Alicia in 2009 and Lara in 2013.

Samara Felippo infact has a better name than Leandro in Brazil. She is known for her acting in movies like O Profeta (2006), Sete Pecados (2007) and América (2005) and was also a active gymnastics player before she joined the entertainment industry.

A computer science student, gymnast, and all round actress, Samara Felippo surely would have made Leandro’s life a lot better if they were together. But still, Leandro seems to do just fine alone with his children.

Rumors say that the major cause of split was Leandro Barbosa’s relationship with Steve Nash’s wife which also got him to be traded from Phoenix to Toronto. We actually don’t have anything to connect the dots and get to the details, but these speculations might just be right.

And, there it is. A 6 ft 3 in tall guy who makes $7 million a year for just playing 20-25 minutes. I only wish if there was anyway to sign up to become a Brazilian and have someone as stunning as Leandro Barbosa’s ex-wife.