Marta Tornel: David Ferrer’s Girlfriend

David Ferrer’s girlfriend: Spanish professional tennis player and three-times David Cup winner, David Ferrer is currently dating Marta Tornel.

David Ferrer and Marta Tornel

One of the finest tennis players in Spain, David Ferrer’s partner goes by the name Marta Tornel. Marta often loves to remain out of the mainstream media and spotlight, however, she’s also seen cheering and supporting his man during his matches.

The couple got together through Ferrer’s coach Javier Piles and his wife, who are also close friends of Marta Tornel. A graduate in Optometry, Tornel currently lives in her hometown Benafaio and handles her family’s business as an optician.

Despite making public appearances rarely, Tornel was seen kissing Ferrer after her man won the Masters 1000 title in Paris. David, on the other hand seems to be really close with his girl and has publicly quoted that he sees his future wife in her.

The couple currently lives together and they seem to enjoy their relationship a lot. What we anticipate now is their wedding, which might happen somewhere around 2016.

So, what do you have to say about David Ferrer’s girlfriend, Marta Tornel? She might not be a girl-next-door type of a woman, but she looks good on him, doesn’t she?