Julie Leshkevich: Justin Abdelkader’s Girlfriend

Justin Abdelkader’s girlfriend: American ice hockey forward who plays for the Detroit Red Wings in NHL, Justin Abdelkader is currently in a relationship with his University love Julie Leshkevich.

Julie Leshkevich and Justin Abdelkader

This Red Wings star plays really really hard and what more would he require; he’s money and a really nice looking girlfriend, everyone would be envious about.

Abdelkader secured NCAA Division 1 National Championship for Michigan State University and was listed as the Most Outstanding player in 2007. He was drafted by Red Wings as the 42nd overall in the 2005 NHL Entry Draft and he currently has a four year deal of $7.2 million for Detroit.

He found Julie while at Michigan State University and the two has been together ever since. How sweet is that?

Many predict Julie Leshkevich to be a gold digger as she used Diana Lorionov to get close to Abdelkader. But who cares? This ‘Snooki’ lookalike is beautiful, gorgeous and a perfect fit for Abby, deserving a share of his fame and wealth, ofcourse.

Her Linkedin profile reads her work as a teaching assistant and a aftercare at Gateway Montessori. She also worked as a marketing intern at Henderson glass and director of wellness relations at Referable.com.

Abby and his gorgeous girlfriend are often spotted in a gorgeous red convertible and they share their love in public through their social profiles. Both of them. That’s pretty cool!

So, what do you have to say about Justin Abdelkader’s girlfriend? She’s hot! Ain’t she?

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