Elizabeth Martinez: Neymar’s Girlfriend

Neymar’s girlfriend: Who does not know Neymar today? The Brazilian footballing sensation and probably the youngest captain for the national side, Neymar is a heartthrob in and out the pitch. His life has become a matter of common gossip and why shouldn’t it be? After a long dating history with Bruna Marquezine, Neymar finally has found a new girlfriend and she is Elizabeth Martinez.

Elizabeth Martinez and Neymar

The professional footballer’s list of ex-girlfriend’s will turn any men envious, and Elizabeth Martinez is the cherry topping of the painful sweet cake Neymar’s enjoying. Yes, while Neymar is not kicking balls for his nation or Barcelona, or visiting a local hospital to support children, he is spotted with his gorgeous babe inside his arms.

Neymar had been in a long-term relationship with Bruna Marquezine and that all ended by 2014. Marquezine departed from Ibiza and that was when the couple had a setback. Rumors say that Bruna wanted to turn the relationship to marriage and Neymar wanted to take it slow. Plus, the long term relationship they were having is what might have affected the relationship!

After the breakup, the popular footballer was also seen with Soraja Vucelic, who is known for her plus-size figure. And, if the relationship was true, Neymar indeed would have scored big!

Whatever it be, Elizabeth Martinez looks equally appealing and she is a Barcelona fanatic. What more would Neymar require in a girlfriend? Someone to suit him by his side and like the team he plays with. That’s what should have pleased the burgeoning star.

Is Neymar’s new girlfriend Elizabeth Martinez going to be David Lucca’s prospective mother? Well, time will show.