Draya Michele: Orlando Scandrick’s Girlfriend

Orlando Scandrick’s girlfriend: American football corner-back for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League, Orlando Scandrick is dating Draya Michele.

Draya Michele and Orlando Scandrick

The Basketball player and his ex-fiance have been making news since they met, the recent being the shocking news of them getting back together. The couple has so much of history and their relationship has been seen by the public at all the extremities. Orlando has been in an on-again and off-again relationship with this gorgeous model and Basketball Wives star since 2013.

Their affair has seen some great times as well as some very confusing times. This star couple was engaged some months before and with some notes of domestic violence and abuses that came from Draya Michele pushed Orlando to file for a restraining order against her. Obviously, marriage went out of window for the couple following this incident and this gave quite hype for their reality show.

But on the recent note, Orlando who filed suit never appeared on the court thus dismissing the case from going any further. Maybe it’s because he could not let their love die in the middle of their way and they have been giving another shot at their love life.

Draya Michele

Talking about Darya Michele, she never even bothered to take the engagement ring off her finger and has still been flaunting the ring everywhere she goes. She must have had the feeling that nothing could take Orlando apart from her, not even her abuses in the past. With all the clues of them getting back together, we can still look forward to their marriage.

And when they have shorted out their differences to start a long journey together again, we can surely wish them a never ending fairy tale life ahead.