Doralie Medina: Floyd Mayweather’s Girlfriend

Floyd Mayweather’s girlfriend: American professional boxer, Floyd Joy Mayweather is currently dating Doralie Medina.

Doralie Medina and Floyd Mayweather

One of the biggest boxers in the world, Floyd Mayweather has always made news with his prolific career as an undefeated professional boxer. This American athlete has won eleven world titles and also has been listed as the Fighter of the Year by Ring magazine twice.

The boxer with victory in his blood, Mayweather has been making news far from his boxing ring and near to his personal life in the recent years as he ended relationship with his ex-fiancé Shantel Jackson. He has not wait long to find himself a friend of life and this time, he found his love in his own masseuse, the gorgeous, Doralie Medina.

Doralie Medina, born in Las Vegas and raised in California has a Mexican heritage from her immigrant parents from Mexico. Doralie started her career initially as a lifeguard and later earned a certificate of a nurse but opted for being a massage therapist, the profession that played a huge role for Floyd and Doralie to meet.

Doralie and Floyd have been together for around four years professionally and it has been almost a year that the two have been going out. The relationship has helped her build her new career as a fashion designer.

Doralie Medina

Floyd and Doralie Medina have been making news with their red carpet appearances, which may not be extensive but are very striking. Having a publicly defaming history of domestic violence, Floyd has been working hard to make Doraile happy in their relationships with expensive gifts like diamonds jewelries and whatnot. And Doraile is happy to be by the side of this world champion as his eye candy.

We sure hope, like Doralie’s diamonds, their relationship also lasts forever.

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