Dione Gonzales: Dustin Brown (Tennis Player) Girlfriend

Dustin Brown’s girlfriend: Dustin Brown surely have made headlines with his amazing performance in the 2015 Wimbeldon by defeating Rafael Nadal and everyone’s eager to know who Dustin Brown’s girlfriend is.

Dione Gonzales and Dustin Brown

Look no further, this Jamaican-German tennis player who’ve made a name for himself with just a win against a top seeded player is in a relationship with Dione Gonzales. Gonzales is a brunette model who currently resides in Las Vegas and is quite active on social medias, and often seen encouraging her man! Vegas baby!

The World no. #78 in 2014 is enjoying his life to the acme; has defeated a previous world no. #1 and has a girlfriend who’s hot. He surely is getting on my ‘envy list’ now.

Martha Dione Gonzales has Latin and Mexican roots and was born on November 3, 1981. She is also said to have played tennis during her college at University of Texas, El Paso where she studies Biology.

In fact, she is also a mother of a daughter who she gave birth to from her marriage to Jonathan Schaper. She was married in 2002 when she was 21, but the couple broke up and she then started pursuing a career in modeling.

Dione Gonzales

Not only this hot couple have tennis in common, Dione has a sick body and that’s what makes other men sick too. Her exotic looks and charismatic beauty is sure to give boners and what more would Dustin want now.

Oh Dustin, Oh Dustin! Yes, you’ll be hearing some more chants for you and I hope you don’t mind when we chant your girlfriend’s name! We surely know how to make a champ happy!

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