Brandi Schroeder: Tony Stewart’s Girlfriend

Tony Stewart’s girlfriend: American professional stock car racing driver and NASCAR team owner, Tony Stewart is in a relationship with Brandi Schroeder.

Brandi Schroeder and Tony Stewart

Tony Stewart, the fast and furious car racer in the real world, has been seen with a new girl in the town who goes by the name, Brandi Schroeder. After a long on and off relationship with another racer, Jessica Zemken, Tony has finally found the woman of his dreams. Brandi is a sales rep who has been involved in many major companies. These two people make a great couple as both of them are mature and know what they want from each-other.

Tony, the owner of NASCAR team and a professional car racer has been in many relationships before, and most of them have been public. His recent affair with Jessica was also one of the most publicized relationships as both had many things in common and what could be a better scoop for fans and media than an affair between the two fast car racers? But then, after Jessica and Tony called it quits, Tony has been happy with his new girlfriend, Brandi.


Brandy and Tony have been keeping the affair on low profile; it may be because they’d want to go public when they are sure of themselves first, as where their relationship would go. Tony and his 35 year old girlfriend have shown their comfort with each other in many instances as Brandi was there for Tony to get him out of his misery after he broke up with Jessica.

We truly want to believe that Tony has finally found his to-be wife in Brandi Schroeder and wish the couple a great life ahead.


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