Brandi Padilla: Kevin Garnett’s Wife

Kevin Garnett’s wife: American professional basketball player who plays for Minnesota Timberwolves of the NBA, Kevin Garnett is married to Brandi Padilla.

Brandi Padilla and Kevin Garnett

The honorific NBA player, Kevin Garnett is one of the few lovers who turned into husbands and have been going strong for a long time. Kevin is married to Brandi Padilla, his long term girlfriend before they tied knots in 2004. They have come a long way today as they have already walked through a decade of their married life and are as happy as ever.

They look like a newly smitten teenage couple despite their long history, proving nothing can beat the love that is meant to live forever. This beautiful couple has two adorable daughters who heve become the highlight of the family for media as well as their fans. Kevin and Brandi on the other hand, do not retain to flaunt their precious babies whenever they go to any public event.

Brandi Padilla

The couple did have some disputes in their perfect marriage when there was an allegation that Kevin was cheating Brandi with another cheerleader, but the rumor was never proved. And now, the couple lives in peace in their $4.8 million mansion in Concord, MA with their beautiful children. As far as we know, Kevin has always treated his woman as a queen and Brandi has never been any less than a queen given her unending love for Kevin.

For what Brandi and Kevin have shown in their love life, we know that their fairytale life will last forever. With the little princesses to strengthen the relationship more, Brandi and Kevin will always be the hottest and longest running couple.